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Friday, May 21, 2010

Too hot, too dry, not wet enough.

Savannah was perhaps the most productive sketching that I have done so far. I believe to have discovered more about watercolor and the beautiful things it can do on paper and clayboard. However, I do think that weather affects how the pigments react with each other. I had a difficult time creating blooms because the waiting period was unpredictable. Either the wash dried to quickly or stayed wet too long. As watercolor artists, we should take into consideration the climate we paint in and how we can adjust our painting techniques to limit frustrations...well from what I experienced. On the other hand, I felt like I have discovered a different side of me. Savannah is by far my favorite city.  Here are a few sketches. More to come.


  1. still LOVE that door, and how it's totally a throwback to Santa Fe!! :)

  2. i LOVE the top painting with the gorgeous shadow cast on the porch. this is seriously STUNNING! i have always been a huge fan of your work, and i would like to add your name in a "dedication" post i do every so often. if thats okay? i mentioned anthony kosar, cindy, and dustin yoder in the last one.

    you are incredible! love seeing your posts.

  3. Sorry for the belated response Sam...haha I have not checked the messages. But thank you I appreciate that. I love your work as well and I would love to be on your dedication post!